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Visit with the people, places and organizations that make us such a special town--

Hosted by Craig Donovan

Episode 4 Grace Farms

Some people say Grace Farms is a place. Some say it is a state of mind. Both are correct. Grace Farms, located on the former Windsome Farms, an equine ranch on the edge of town, is 80-acres of mostly open space. It is one of the last remaining large parcels of open...

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The idea for New Canaan Today was planted about twenty five years ago, when Dr. Craig Donovan first started to visit this charming little town in Fairfield County Connecticut, just an hour away from New York City. A writer, author and expert on government management since the 1990s, he was drawn to the many charming and distinctive corners of this picture perfect New England town. Once Dr. Donovan and his wife, Liz Gores Donovan – herself born and raised here and a daughter of Harvard Five architect Landis Gores – moved to New Canaan, he dedicated himself to learning all he could about the people, places and organizations that make New Canaan such a wonderful, fun, unique and special place in the Nutmeg state—Connecticut. Whether you are lucky enough to live here or are just visiting, come along with Craig and his guests to learn why we’re called “The next station to Heaven.”

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