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Like so many people who come to New Canaan to shop, work, visit, or live, when I moved here a few years ago with my wife Liz, a New Canaan native, I kept hearing about a variety of special people, places and organizations. Many, but by no means all, had a web site I could track down but even then, I often did not really come away knowing what they were or why I should be interested. So, pushed onwards by an insatiable curiosity about our town, I started to track down these cultural touchstones to learn about their past, present and future. I quickly realized that while I was gaining new understanding and insights into just how special we are here, I also needed to share what I learned with others.

In the fall of 2018 I began to create a new Podcast where my conversations around the town could be captured and shared with others who lived her now, who were considering moving here, or people who were just coming here for a visit. The result is New Canaan Today. I hope that you will find my journey to uncover all the nooks and crannies of New Canaan, large and small, just as interesting as I have.
So, please listen and subscribe. Enjoy these conversations in any order. I have included these ‘liner’ notes for each episode so you can find the web addresses etc. without worrying about trying to write while you listen. You feedback and suggestions are always welcome.